Medical billing is a career many people don’t know about, but it has always been full of opportunities to make a nice living. It is also primarily a low-stress career option, and more often than not, you can work remotely. Throughout the years, medical billing has evolved and continues to do so; now, more and more people need to know about it. Here we will discuss all you need to know about our Medical Billing Course and how much a medical biller makes.

  1. What is Medical Billing?
    Medical billing involves preparing and processing claims on behalf of healthcare providers to insurance companies. When a patient receives medical treatment, specific forms must be submitted to the payers for the medical facility to get paid.
  2. Medical Biller?
    Medical billers must thoroughly know the forms, processes, and technology needed to do their jobs. You might be wondering how much does a medical biller make? A medical biller averages between $37,701 to $45,788 per year. If you establish a home-based medical billing business, your earning potential is much higher.
  3. Our Medical Billing Course
    Our course gives you the needed knowledge to take the next step in your medical billing career and better understand the overall world of medical billing, and how it relates to medical coding and working with insurance companies. Our main course is the Medical Billing Program 1, a multi-session course that teaches you how to be an effective practicing medical biller. It helps you learn how to deal with insurance companies and introduces you to all the forms involved, and the overall revenue cycle management process. Our students usually complete it in 4 – 6 weeks and within two months are Certified Medical Billing Professionals.