Grad Reviews

Graduates are asked to rate the Medical Billing Course program from 1 – 10 stars. The following are a selection of 10 Star Reviews out of thousands of 10 Star Reviews

I have been in the dental field for 10 years and decided that I wanted to expand my knowledge and job opportunities. I searched for a program that wasn’t 2+ years that would still give me the education that I needed. I finished the course in 2 weeks with a 99% and got a job offer the next week!

Larissa Collins

If you’re the kind of person that likes top value for your dollar and considers your time valuable — TAKE THIS COURSE! The information was expertly curated and presented like being in the room with the instructor. The breakdown of HIPAA and HITECH was fantastic, this course offered the most logical and digestible presentation of that information I have seen.

Mary Prenosil

I was happy to have found It was super easy and you could do it around your own schedule. If you’re a busy single parent like me but want a career in Medical Billing, this is the place to go.

Elsusarah Wright

I highly recommend this course – it is very challenging but never discouraging. It is written job specific and not full of information that is not needed. After finishing the course I feel ready to go. I know that if I get lost or have a question I have the resources to easily find the answers. You also at all times have someone on “Live Chat” to help you. I truly; as a retired Assistant Principal; do not see how this program could be any better.

Jo Bernier

This billing program has been something I have wanted to do for a long time now. It was perfect for my schedule. Being able to work at your own pace is amazing. I have been billing for over 5 years now. But taking this course sharpened up any ideas i was unsure about. I learned alot and I am very happy I completed this program.

Erik Mendoza

I really didn’t see any improvements to recommend to your course. I felt it was fairly easy probably due to my 10 years of working experience in the medical billing field. And I have to say I was self-taught, no course work!! This is an amazing course!
If anyone is thinking about taking a medical billing course, then this is the course for you! All areas of medical billing are thoroughly covered! It also includes LIVE medical billing course in an actual billing software which gives you hands on experience! I’m a Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist and wanted to take a medical billing course to add another Certification credential to my training portfolio! This was the best course, by far!

Dawn Huber

The Medical Billing Course has been a challenging, interesting and awesome course! I have been in the medical field for years. First as a direct care staff, then as a Program Records Coordinator. After that I was an Administrative Assistant for a 65 bed MR/DD facility. Most recently, I was employed as a Nutrition Tech at a hospital. All of those positions required that I learn about HIPAA. MBC’s courses on medical billing and HIPAA were so in depth that my previous learning did not prepare me for them. I have learned so much in the past couple of weeks that I am astounded! I want to thank Tammy for presenting this course in a way that I had no trouble understanding it and subsequently “ACING” the whole thing! I believe if you take the time to read all of the information presented, you should have no problem grasping the general ideas presented. You too can “ACE” all the tests and have confidence to move forward in your own Medical Billing Professional career.

Teri Yates

What can I say? I got into the Medical Billing Field but never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would take MBC’s Medical Billing Certification Program and love medical billing even more! Hats off to my Personal Instructor, Tammy Harlan. Tammy was there for me whenever I needed assistance of any kind. The course was easy to understand and was very detailed on every chapter.

Jose Viruet

MBC is Great! I learned about Tammy Harlan years ago when I was subscribed to BC Advantage Magazine publications in 2008. I did my research and I also trusted the source from which I was introduced to Tammy and Medical Billing Course. The course is great and easy to follow. The information provided is current and a great resource to reference later on in your medical billing journey. I would recommend anyone interested in either getting a job as a medical biller or starting their own business to MBC’s course programs. There are many informative links that help you with starting your business…

MBC is a one stop shop for every resource that is of value to your success. Thanks Tammy and the Medical Billing Course Staff for all of the years you have helped people to become their own bosses.

Misha Plyshette Greene

This is EXACTLY what a course is supposed to be! Before taking the Medical Billing Course, I took another “course” from a company who has you buy a bunch of expensive books and manuals. Then they test you on what is in those manuals! No course! No instruction! I was super disappointed and totally confused!

“Thank you Medical Billing Course for providing me with an actual course and teaching me Medical Billing! And a huge thanks to my instructor, Ryan, for always being there for me, no matter how big or small my question was! I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn medical billing! Working in an actual software program at the end of the course tied everything together for me! THANK YOU!

Angela Majewski

Please replace this review with the one I submitted when I finished the course! I gave the course 10 stars and a rave review but I had to come back and submit another one! ONE WEEK after graduating, I applied for a Medical Billing position with an Internal Medicine Group. I copied my certification and sent it with my resume to a help wanted ad. They called me in for an interview. I was knowledgeable! I came off as calm, cool and collected — BECAUSE OF Medical Billing and your amazing course program. I was even able to offer some insight into their collection problems! I got the job!!! I would not have been able to get this position without your certification course! Your course, your staff, all of it is beyond amazing. Thank you so much for this opportunity! They PAY WELL! I am happy! I say to those who are considering your course, DON’T HESITATE! This is life changing for me!

Silvy Welch

I have worked in the medical field as an office manager for 7 years and made a transition to medical biller. Although I have been working as a medical biller for the last two months, this course has given me a better understanding of the billing process. This course really explained things in a format that is easy to follow and understand. I feel that I am now able to work with more confidence and efficiency due to what I have learned from this course.

Alisha Thibodeux

This course is one of the best formatted courses I have ever seen. It is a great refresher for even the most experienced! Wonderful course! Love the outline and content. Very up to date information covered. I highly recommend it to all staff and managers. Everyone should take this course!

Angela Jones

I have been doing medical billing and accounts receivable for about 20 years. I was so excited to find your course on line that would finally allow me to become certified at what I do. The course is perfect for anyone that has been in it for a while, or even just starting out. Medical billing is the future and I would highly recommend this course for anyone that may even be considering getting into this field. Its a very demanding, but rewarding field. Thank you so much for this course.

Shelley Hiler

This is a well outlined course that is plain and simple that could help anyone get into this business. The teaching method is unique and suitable for everyone to understand the ideals of the course. I highly recommend this course! You won’t be alone – the support is terrific!

Jossie Lubin

It’s never too late to go back to school! After completing my medical billing course I have regained a new confidence in my ability to go back in to the workforce once again to start a new career in something I really find interesting and enjoy! I would highly recommend medical billing course company to any anytime! Thank you for all you have done for me!

Elizabeth Scibor

I stumbled on this site a couple of weeks ago trying to find a new step in my life that would benefit me and my 4 children. I knew I have no money to spare but I had to find a new way after 3 surgerys and a job, that didn’t care. I knew I had to make a change and I am so happy I have just completed the coursework for medical billing. Now, I am on to the next step to get my business up in running. Thanks to Tammy Harlan and her son, 2 of the nices people ever, helped me get passed my fear. They answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable starting the course.

Jasmine Craddock

Just terrific! I loved working on this course and learning new things as I went along. It has truly expanded my knowledge towards the medical billing field.

Alessandra Hawkins

My name is Koron Hall. I live in Morgantown WV and I have been a medical Biller for 3 1/2 years now. I have learned so much in this time span, but most was from trial and error because I didn’t have a medical billing background before beginning my job. I can tell you as a fairly experienced biller, this course was absolutely AMAZING! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to take and complete this course because even though I knew a lot of information already, it not only brought things more to light but it was great material and I still learned a few things. This course would have been great to have before getting into actual medical billing because it definitely walks you through all the ins and outs of what a biller will experience. Thanks so much again & I’m proud to say that I am a Medical Billing Course Honors Graduate!!! God is Great!!

Koron Hall

This Medical Billing Course is wonderful! I was a little scared at first and while I was taking the course because there are so many scams out there offering Medical Billing Courses. (you should see my spam email). However the fact that it is a self paced course I can’t express the support you get with any need as well as the resources available so you can further enhance your knowledge for this course. I started my own Billing Service and upon my research I saw how Tammy Harlan was a great mentor to so many. So Thank You Medical Billing Course!

Teisha Sparrow

I have very much enjoyed this course.. it was just what I was looking for. I will be seeking employment first just to get my feet wet. At some point I want to start my own business. I will be contacting you when that time comes. Thank you for this experience! You really went way above my expectations.

Marilyn Hill

It’s a wonderful course! Explains everything you need to know very well. Tammy is amazing and communicates very well when any questions are answered. The software is awesome. Anyone who is thinking about getting into medical billing, this course is a must. It doesn’t beat around the bush and teaches you straight up. Very impressed with the layout of the course, support as well as the software!

Gaman Sharma

I was looking for a program to benefit me for chiropractic medical billing. I looked at the reviews and this program came highly recommended. I am so glad that I enrolled and am looking forward to using the information that I gleaned from the course! I highly recommend it! It was easy to follow and very informative.

Phyllis Nohl

This is a great course to take! Medical Billing Course provides you with hands on medical billing software training so they can make sure you know what your doing. I recommend this course to anyone trying to get started in the field!

Marselle Cook Morrison

New to the medical/health field. Am employed by a chiropractor and was looking to help grow his business. Took this course so that I have a better understanding of the process and making the patient experience more streamlined and efficient. The course is well presented and well written and I would recommend to anyone who works in or wants to work in the medical billing field.

Suzan Koester

I really enjoyed taking this course! Everything balanced together. The live medical billing software training took me for a loop (lol) but I really enjoyed it! It gave me first hand experience on what to expect as a Medical Biller. Tammy you are GREAT.

Joy Johnson

I took this course after becoming disabled and unable to work a 9-5 position. I decided to start my own business. After researching other courses I chose Medical Billing Course. The information provided was very informative and easy to use. I love that I could work at my own pace on my own schedule. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to start their own business, get a job as a medical biller or add credentials to their resume.

Patriece Brooks

I wish I had found Medical Billing Course before getting scammed! (Name of school removed)’s website was impressive and looked to be legitimate! I was even referred to it on a Facebook Group and an internet forum. It ranks high in a Google Search! It had me buy 3 books from a third party. On top of that, I had to pay to be a member! And then they required me to pay more each year just to consider my certificate ACTIVE! I got tired of paying and paying and paying! Their course did not impress me whatsoever and I had a limited time in which to finish AND I had to pay EXTRA for the exam!

On the other hand – Medical Billing Course IS FANTASTIC! I couldn’t ask for a better course because my understanding of medical billing (after taking YOUR course) blows even my mind. A one time payment includes everything! No membership fees! No additional money to take an exam! No time restrictions! Your support is phenomenal! I wish everyone who took (name of school removed)’s program knew about your program!

Sam Ware

My employer requires all his new medical billing staff take the CMBP Medical Billing Course and become certified. I was really nervous because my job depended on me passing the course and receiving the CMBP certification. I had no reason to be nervous! The course is easy to understand and it graduates your knowledge in such a way that you don’t feel overwhelmed. Support is always immediately responsive and friendly and very knowledable.

Kassandra Papas

I really enjoy taking this course. Tammy was really nice and was always there to help with any problems and questions that I had. Anyone who is thinking of taking this course should do it. It’s worth it!

Lisa Hang

The course was above my expectations. I am so glad I found this program and speak with Tammy!

LaWanda Morris

Medical Billing Course has given me the opportunity to put my finances into my own hands. The course was very comprehensive and allowed me to finish the course as quickly as I wanted to, in a time that was convenient for me. Very impressed with the whole experience!! Highly recommend this course!

Lisa Eddinger

This was a great course for me because I am considering purchasing an established medical business and have no medical billing experience. Now I know what questions to ask and what information I need to get so that I can make a wise decision if/when making the purchase. I was able to complete the course quickly because any questions or problems I had were handled right away. Thank you!

Shannon Jarvies

This course was very helpful and informative. I completed the course in 2 weeks during my regular work hours while attending to my workload. The course takes you through everything you need to know step by step. I would recommend this course to anybody interested in medical billing. You won’t be disappointed!

Lynette Richards

I really wanted to learn medical billing and this course was perfect! I was able to work at my own pace and the material was simple and easy to understand, yet very comprehensive. Excellent course! Excellent support!

Therese Combs

This course was very informational. The organization of the chapters made it easier to learn step by step medical billing procedures. I feel I could very easily grasp different software programs.

Karen Reynolds

I took another course through a “Medical Billing Association” – How disappointing. I was bored. I was confused. And I wasted money because I just couldn’t bring myself to finish it! When I posted to their forum asking for clarification, it went unanswered. Thank God for someone who came along and referred me to Medical Billing! I woke up each day wanting to get back to your course! It made my day. Thank You to my Instructor, Brett! You are awesome!

Jessica Sandstrom

I have taken just about every course I could get my hands on. I can honestly say that this is the very best! And you can’t beat the price!” I would have no problem recommending this course to anyone. The information is top-notch, the people are wonderful, the resources are EXCELLENT!! Much better than any other course I’ve seen!

Deborah Gill

Overall, I thought it was a really great course and very helpful to learn how to fill out and submit claim forms. I am already quite familiar with patient and insurance data entry, so that part was not a challenge for me. I really appreciated that you included links to all the different sites so we can use them for future reference! I can’t think of anything you need to do to improve it. I would say this is the best course I have ever taken – in any subject.

Sarah Travis

My wife and I took a medical billing and coding course. We wanted to start a medical billing business. While studying together one evening on physical anatomy, we had to ask ourselves why in heaven’s name were we provided with anatomy? We were convinced that the developer of the course didn’t have a clue as to what we needed to start a medical billing business. When we called and asked them why we were studying anatomy and coding, they said, “It can’t hurt.” It did hurt because we couldn’t get our money back (almost $800) and we weren’t any closer to starting our business. We found Medical Billing Course and immediately enrolled. My wife (the sales part of our team) has met with several doctors. She came home one day and said, “This one looks good! I wowed him with my software knowledge but he wasn’t even slightly impressed that I knew the leg bone is connected to the thigh bone!”

We won’t be performing surgery and we won’t be doing any coding! Thank you for this course! It is fine-tuned specifically to our needs!

Greg & Sheila

A friend of mine teaches a medical billing course at a local college a couple town’s away. I’ve been interested in starting a medical billing business so I asked her how helpful the course she taught would be for me. She recommended that I instead look at the course offered at I was surprised that she steered me away from her course and referred me elsewhere! She explained that the course she taught was very mundane and wouldn’t help me in the actual operations of a business as would. She said that she refers all her business-minded students to Medical Billing!

I’d like to thank you for putting together such fantastic, inexpensive instruction allowing me to focus on operating my business!


I enjoyed taking this course because the step-by-step process helps you gain knowledge and then apply that knowledge in a practical way. The ‘Platform Opinions’ give insight into what is and what is not important and helps dispel the mystery.


I received my certificate 2 months ago and I’ll be gaining my 2nd client, fingers-crossed, this week! I cannot thank you enough for the confidence you gave me with your course and support! My goal is to be making 6 figures by this time next year! I know I can do it but couldn’t have done it without you!

Leslee Ann

Medical Billing Course provides an excellent course for physician billing. In no time you are doing the actual billing in real billing software, and receiving genuine experience in what medical billing is all about! After you experience the billing, Medical Billing Course provides excellent instruction in setting up a billing business office. They provide you extensive materials and resources to be successful in the medical billing field. I LOVED TAKING THIS COURSE! It was very easy to follow, learning aids all along the way, very user-friendly!


Very informative! I took a course before this one and had never even seen an insurance verification form (until taking this course). The mock conversations were great! (and funny!)


Certified Medical Billing Professional Certification & HIPAA Certification