Medical Billing Salary

According to Payscalethe average wage for a Medical Billing Specialist is $19 – 29 per hour.

The median annual salary for a Medical Biller, as of January 2024, is $45,349 per year, with a range of $35,700-$55,677. This range can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.  Factors include geographic location as well as Medical Billing Training & Certification obtained by the Medical Billing Employee.

It is important to understand that this wage is for a Medical Billing Employee.  This wage does NOT represent the income of a Medical Biller who provides Medical Billing Outsourcing Services in their own business.

Medical Billing Employee works within a physician’s office, clinic or hospital.  They are paid either by the hour or by a set salary.

A person who operates a Medical Billing Outsourcing Service works either from their home or from their office.  Their income is based upon how much they charge their physician clients and how many clients they service.

Let’s calculate the average monthly per client = $1500.  To calculate the income, just take the monthly average ($1500) times the amount of clients that the Medical Billing Outsourcing Service contracts with:

Average # of Clients Monthly Income
$1500 1 $1500
$1500 2 $3000
$1500 3 $4500
$1500 4 $6000
$1500 5 $7500
$1500 6 $9000
$1500 7 $10500
$1500 8 $12000
$1500 9 $13500
$1500 10 $15000

And so on…

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