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P2 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification + Work From Home Business Modules and Guides

Program 2 Medical Billing Certification Course

Medical Billing Certification (CMBP) and Work From Home Business Bundle   $899.95

CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) Certification
HIPAA (Patient Privacy Act) Certification
8 Chapters, Study Guides, Videos, Examinations
Module 1: Operating a Medical Billing Business
Module 2: Marketing a Medical Billing Business
Medical Billing Business Marketing Guide 1-4
Assigned Personal Course Instructor
Telephone, Email & Chat Support
24/7 Student Support Forum
CMBP Certification & Student Transcript Mailed Upon Completion
Graduate is Placed into our Job Placement Database by Location

Medical Billing Course Curriculum DownloadDownload Course Curriculum

Level:  Certification and Instruction for Medical Biller, Employment, Home/Office Based Medical Biller, 65 Hours
Average Completion Time:  4-6 Weeks

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P1 Medical Billing Certification (CMBP) & HIPAA Certification

P2 Medical Billing Certification (CMBP), HIPAA Certification + Work From Home Business Modules

H1 HIPAA Compliance Course – HIPAA Certification Only – Understanding HIPAA