What Our Medical Billing Students Are Saying…

“This course has opened a whole world of opportunity for me! I am now well-trained in an in-demand field and can work for myself or someone else. I feel confident in my studies and new skills and am ready to rock!”  -Hilary

“Amazing! Absolutely Amazing! You have given me the guidance and instruction I need to go further. Thank you so much for providing this confidence! Your medical billing course is fantastic!”  -Paula

“The best part of this course was the quick responses to my questions. I felt like my progress mattered to my instructors just as much as it mattered to me.”  -Rebecca

“As the chapters go on, it gets more interesting. It’s fun!”  -Holly

“I am very impressed with this medical billing course! You covered more of the business basics in Chapter 1 than another medical billing course I took did in its entirety! Thank you for putting out a GREAT COURSE!” -Lisa

“I was required to be CMBP Certified for my Medical Billing Position. I can’t believe I was afraid. The course is PHENOMENAL and the support is above and beyond what was expected!” -Devin

“I have taken AAPC’s Medical Billing course 2 times and it lost my interest after the first few lessons. I can tell already that the format for this class is “right on”. I like that you include info to look up at our leisure.”  -Kim

“I just completed the medical billing course. I must say, it was a GREAT and EXCITING experience. I really enjoyed all courses, especially the LIVE Medical Billing Software Training!” -Zelina

“This medical billing course was WONDERFUL and well worth the investment! It was very comprehensive and I received great communication from your staff. Thank you so much!” -Steven

“Before I found you, I took a course thru a ‘Medical Billing Association.’ How disappointed I was! I am so thankful to the person who referred me to Medical Billing Course.com! I woke up each day wanting to get back to your course! It made my day. Thank You!” -Jessica

“I would have no problem recommending your medical billing course to anyone. The information is top-notch, the staff are wonderful, the resources are EXCELLENT! Much better than any other course I’ve seen!” -Deborah

“I love the interactive teaching with all the medical billing forms, the calling of the insurance company and verifying information! I learned a lot! Thanks!” -Roxanne

“I enjoyed the chapters! Interplay was very helpful to break intimidation and fear. Medical billing is fun.” -Joella

“This medical billing course made a difference for me and I am writing this to let others know that they should not hesitate like I did when I first stumbled upon your course. It’s the GREATEST!” -Bonnie

“I want to thank Medical Billing Course.com for putting together such a fantastic, inexpensive instruction allowing me to focus on operating my business!” -Marla

“I enjoyed taking the medical billing course. The step-by-step process helps you gain knowledge and then apply what you have learned in a practical way. The ‘Platform Opinions’ give insight into what is and what is not important and helps dispel the mystery.”  -Karl

“I received my certificate from Medical Billing Course.com 2 months ago. I’ll be gaining my 2nd client (fingers crossed) this week! I cannot thank you enough for the confidence your course and support has provided!.” -Leslee Ann

“I have completed the first 4 chapters and I’m confident I made a good decision in taking this course. The information provides a good foundation of medical billing knowledge from Chapter 1 and continues to build with each chapter in a logical flow!” -Sheree

“Medical Billing Course.com provides an excellent course for physician billing. In no time you are doing the actual billing in real medical billing software – receiving genuine experience in what medical billing is all about!” -Celeste

“I was so impressed with the training my wife received taking your medical billing course that I will not hesitate to refer my colleagues to you for their staff medical billing instruction needs!” -Dr. Avery

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone interested in Medical Billing. I did a lot of research before I settled on this course and I couldn’t be any happier with my choice. What sets this course apart is the practical examples and test that are included, but the best part of the course was working with a actual software, and going through a realistic scenario that you would face on a typical basis.” -David

“I was hired by a local pediatric office to do their medical billing! They have my medical billing certificate hanging on the wall. Thank You Medical Billing Course.com!” -Debra

“I LOVED THE COURSE! For a beginner like myself, I thought I would have a hard time understanding the whole billing concept but that was not the case. The Medical Billing Course was easy to follow and understand. My instructor was there for me and addressed my needs in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend Medical Billing Course!” -Gelila

Why earn your Nationally Recognized CMBP© (Certified Medical Billing Professional) designation?

The Healthcare Industry is Recession Proof and is the fastest growing industry today and will continue to be the fastest growing industry for years to come. Certified Medical Billers are in high demand and they are paid very well.

Our Medical Billing Course Programs are Self Paced. There are no time restrictions or limitations. Study when you have time. Complete your exams when you are ready to do so.

Our programs are extremely affordable. We provide a discount for your one-time payment but we also provide interest-free payment plans for those who need it. Payments are scheduled monthly, but you are able to login to your Student Payment Portal and make payments on your own schedule should you choose to do so.

Job Placement. We have hundreds of Physicians, Hospitals and Billing Centers across the nation who come to us looking for graduates. All you have to do is give permission to share your contact information with them, upon graduation. They are not looking for “2 years experience”. They are looking for graduates who do not come with “bad habits” picked up working in the field. They would rather train someone who has been educated and certified in medical billing.


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