Our Medical Billing Certification prepares you to work at the heart of any medical practice, the billing department. Medical billers must juggle payments from several sources while maintaining confidentiality and empathy toward patients. Because this career is highly specialized, medical billers must have specific certifications to perform these duties. Learn how MedicalBillingCourse.com can serve your education needs for a brighter future.

Understanding Medical Billing

Medical billing starts with a bill generated by a doctor or medical facility. Billers use this information to charge the corresponding insurance company. They follow up with a bill mailed to the patient for any balance due.

Additionally, billers also complete the process by applying all payments to the invoices and closing out the statement. All of these steps require a working knowledge of medical billing codes.

Choosing the Right Course

If you’re interested in medical billing as a career, our signature course certifies you in only a few weeks. Purchase the course titled P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification. It comes with nearly 10 chapters of critical information, tests, and videos. Our team is by your side whenever you need us with email, chat and phone support. Simply read over our reviews to see how this course alone can jump-start a career.

Practicing the Skills

Whether you’ve already started as a medical biller or are entering the workforce, our coursework can support you at every level. Keep the study guides handy when there’s a question about a code or other process. We designed our course to be a resource throughout your career. Highlight sections, and remind yourself of those complex scenarios. Medical billing is a challenge that can be simplified with our coursework at your fingertips.

Contact our team today to start your learning journey. We support every learner so that he or she can be successful in their future career. Our team welcomes any questions you might have as you gain a better understanding of the billing process.