Many people may be curious to know the difference between medical billing and medical coding. Even though they are linked together, they have two different meanings. Both jobs consist of dealing with patient records and even so require the same set of skills. Tasks completed are also very similar in both medical coders and medical billers. However, they are two different career paths.

Medical coding involves using medical codes and assigning them to patient diagnosis. They look over records of patients and ensure a code is assigned based on the information that the doctor provides. These codes are vital for insurance purposes. The insurance companies need to be billed accurately using these codes. Patient records are coded, and insurance claims are properly made under a medical coder.

Medical billers on the other hand deal with billing aspects. They can do this using special billing software and then enter all codes that the medical coder provided to file with the insurance claims. Medical billers interact more with both medical staff and patients. This is because they need to get as much information as possible to do their job efficiently. They interact with patients for insurance verification purposes. Their responsibility is to make sure that all medical claims are paid.

People interested in a career in medical billing or coding will see that they both go hand in hand.. Making sure you have attention to detail and can think critically is important if you are a medical biller or coder.