There are a lot of distractions online. Social media, online shopping, games – the list continues on and on. That said, you can’t allow these distractions to keep you from achieving success in online learning! If you’re trying to improve your skills or earn a new certification, those distractions can make success extremely difficult. Use our tips to stay focused on your online efforts for maximum benefits!

Stay Focused in the Right Place

When online, find a place where you can focus: Your favorite coffee spot, the library, or even your own room. You may have to experiment with multiple places before you decide what’s best for you.

Turn Your Notifications OFF!

This will help you stay focused and avoid getting distracted by all the texts, emails, and games we all get on our phones. If something pops up in class like a message from a friend, your focus can become derailed from your coursework.

Stay Focused on What You’re Doing

Your online instructor might assign videos with reading assignments at home. Make sure when you’re watching the video you are doing your reading at the same time to better retain information. As soon as your online teacher assigns work, always make sure to complete it as soon as possible to avoid having unfinished assignments pile up.

Break Big Tasks Into Little Ones

If there’s just too much going on online, break down whatever assignment or task you’re working on and set small goals for yourself. It can be very difficult to stay focused on overwhelmingly large tasks. When a small distraction occurs, such as a friend wanting to chat with you, it can be the excuse you need to stop working. However, if you break down big tasks, even if you get distracted, you’ll be able to pick right back up and keep going!

Practice Makes Perfect

One thing that’s universal about most online learning is tests. Make sure before any test starts that you complete all available practice quizzes and tests so that you’ll be prepared for your big day!

Utilize Tools

Here are some online tools used to help students stay focused:

  • Freedom and SelfControl These apps will block distracting websites for a set amount of time, upwards of 24 hours.
  • StayFocusd (Web Extension). This tool allows the user to customize which social media sites they would like to block, and sets a different amount of time for each one.
  • RescueTime or Toggl These tools will show you stats about how much time you spend on certain online sites and activities.