It sounds too good to be true – working from home with a financially stable job like medical billing. Some job postings promise regular income deposited into your bank account. Others don’t even ask for your resume or previous work experience. You have picked up an impression that all work at home medical/dental billing jobs are legitimate. You have formed opinions that these jobs are an easy way to financial freedom. And you’re right – medical billing is a great career! However, you shouldn’t trust every job offer out there.

Being Asked to Pay an Upfront Cost

You can always do yourself a big favor by looking at the facts about any work from home job. The reason is twofold. First, not all jobs are real. For example, if there is a fee a potential employer requires that you pay before you even get hired, alarms should be ringing. The simple solution? There is something seriously wrong with the offer. This is a sure sign of a scam. If you come across any such offers, you should avoid the company at all costs.

Where You Don’t Need Qualification/Experience

 Medical billing is a delicate field where duties include preparing and filing insurance claims, monitoring billing, collections, negotiating payments with all the parties involved, researching, and so on. The minimum qualification for this job is a certificate program, which you can earn here. Many work from home medical billing positions are full-time opportunities. Therefore, any offer that shrugs off the necessary qualifications should be mentally registered as a scam and subsequently be ignored. 

They Want to Pay You in Unconventional Ways

Real jobs pay their employees through payment directly deposited to the employee’s bank account or by check. If you’re considering a job that wants to pay you through gift cards or other unconventional means where you have no direct access to cash, then it’s probably a scam. Such scams have been designed to make people buy their promotional services or are affiliate programs of more massive scams. 

There are countless other ways to tell whether a work at home job is a scam or not. Some are obvious, while others have a hidden agenda that is not too visible on the outside. Nevertheless, read reviews and ask questions in forums to find out more about the work from home job you are seeking.