If you are out of a job due to COVID-19 or other reasons, you have many options in trying to land that next position. Most people agree that they would like to find a job as quickly as possible and work in a meaningful area that they enjoy. Sometimes, getting that new job requires training. If you are looking for careers you can start fast, medical billing may be a great option.

Medical billing is a critical process that ensures the health care provider or health system gets paid correctly. The other end of the transaction ensures the patient and/or the insurance company pays the right amount at the right time. Medical billing professionals play a very important role in completing these transactions accurately.

You can start your medical billing career in weeks, not months. There are structured and organized medical billing programs available. Completing a course from your home is convenient and very achievable. Our medical billing course program typically requires 50-60 hours of work. It is online, self-paced, and usually takes about four to six weeks to complete. The information in the chapters will help prepare you for the examinations. The examinations will help prepare you for your new career.

This is one of the careers you can start fast. Think about all the medical visits and transactions that take place around them. You could be helping complete these essential transactions by finishing a medical billing course in four to six weeks.

You may be ready to start now or within the next few weeks. Selecting the right program is important; you want to find one that is the best fit for you. Feel free to review these success stories from our program. Each student is assigned a personal instructor in this multi-media learning platform. Upon completion, you can quickly start your career in medical billing.