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The CMBP Certification Course

Unlock the potential of our Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP) Certification Course for just $699.95 (was $799.95) and embark on a rewarding career journey. With this comprehensive program, you’ll gain the following:

Certification Excellence: Becoming a Certified Medical Billing Professional sets you apart in the industry.
HIPAA Proficiency: Acquire HIPAA (Patient Privacy Act) Certification to ensure ethical and secure handling of patient information.
Comprehensive Learning: Navigate through 9 enriching chapters supported by study guides and instructive videos.
Real-world Application: Practice with the DAQbilling Medical Billing Software Program, gaining practical skills.
Personal Guidance: Enjoy the support of an Assigned Personal Course Instructor for personalized learning.
Constant Communication: Get help via Telephone, Email & Chat Support for a seamless learning experience.
Community Interaction: Engage with peers on our 24/7 Student Support Forum, fostering collaborative learning.
Certification Achievement: Receive your CMBP Certification & Student Transcript upon successful completion.
Job Placement Advantage: Secure your place in our Job Placement Database, enhancing career prospects.

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