Jobs within the healthcare system are increasing at a high speed and medical billers are needed in large numbers to deal with insurance and patients claims. With this skill, you can work alongside doctors in nursing homes, hospitals, and other medical facilities.

The healthcare system is segmented into four levels. These levels are:

  • Individual patient
  • The care team involves professionals like clinicians, pharmacists among others.
  • The organization. These include nursing homes, hospitals
  • Political and economic environment. It includes financial and payment

Medical billers are those professionals who take care of all your insurance cases when you go to the hospital. Their work is to take codes from medical coders and submit claims to the insurance companies. They do the follow up between the insurance company and the patient so that the medical office can be compensated properly. Additionally, they make sure that the patient is billed correctly and that no overcharge is done.

Obviously, they are integral parts of the healthcare system.

What Do They Do in the Healthcare System?

The roles medical billers fill in the healthcare system are varied. Here are a few of them:

  • Do the auditing and submitting of claims for patients treatments and procedures
  • Verify insurance credibility and its benefits get insurance referrals and authorization before a patient is treated
  • Check patients bills to make sure they are accurate and fill in any information that could be missing
  • They do research and make appeals for denied claims.
  • Set up flexible payment plans for patients who cannot raise the whole amount at once
  • They do collect the delinquent accounts
  • They are responsible for answering questions from their patients and insurance companies
  • So that they can perform their duties well, they use medical billing software
  • They know fair debt collection practices
  • They update software with rate charges

These are all considered responsibilities for the job and even if they are not done all at once, they are all important.

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