Do you dread going to work every day? Are you so unhappy at work that it is affecting your personal life? Do you find yourself considering a new career? Perhaps it is time to switch careers!

We all have days when we would rather just stay in bed and take a vacation day. In fact, usually a few days off cures this feeling of complacence. The difference in being tired of the routine and utterly done with one’s present career choice involves a daily dread of going in to work. Some employees report even feeling physical illness, nausea, and even headaches prior to heading into work each day.

Other employees may not present physical signs of burnout at work, but they may simply display apathy and a lack of drive at the workplace. They may put off projects, or they may only complete the minimum amount of work necessary to keep from getting called into the boss’s office. This show of apathy is a great indicator that you are no longer concerned with your performance at work.

Every employee wants to feel that he or she makes some kind of impact on the workplace. This can be said about every career from restaurant worker to the most educated medical doctor. No one wants to feel as if their job doesn’t have some importance to others. However, if you’re experiencing burnout, you might do what it takes to have an impact on others. Conversely, if you are giving it all you’ve got and you’re burned out, you may feel that all your hard work is for naught. This feeling adds to the burnout that is already present, and it can hasten your decision to switch careers.

Many people also report that they do not want to go to work, and, for those, a new career that allows them to work from home is a great solution to the burnout that can prompt one to switch careers. Medical Billing is a field that is being outsourced consistently to work-from-home employees with a medical billing certification. You can get this certification in as little as six weeks with our P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification, and you can ditch the burnout for a satisfying career that allows you to stay home and set your own schedule.