Before the onset of the pandemic, there was gradual but slow progress in adopting e-learning, and students were more focused on the traditional classroom setup. But living in these COVID times has opened our eyes to the benefits engulfed in online learning. The student and teachers alike had to access course information via online tools.

Types of E-learning

Asynchronous– It doesn’t occur in real-time, and students are given a timeframe for exams and course work.

Synchronous– This happens in real-time, and the instructor and students can engage through audio chat, text, or video.

Hybrid– This combines both online interaction and face-to-face; it’s also referred to as blended.

Advantages of Online Learning

Although there are several practices you need to adapt for a successful online study, there are advantages in e-learning compared to in-person.

Given the format of e-learning, students can choose their own convenient time to do the studies especially working students. If you consider the time contrast and commitment of working individuals, e-learning offers to use 40-60% less time than in-person.

Education Quality
The quality of education is unison globally as anyone across the globe can access the courses; all required is internet access and a device. Combined with a certificate, like the one offered on medical billing, students can advance their careers, including financial benefits.

Self Paced
As a student, you’ll decide how fast or how slow you’d want to go, given the time you have. The progressive nature of the course offers an advantage to the student, given that the average retention rate is 25-60% compared to 8-10% in a class setup.

Impact of Online School

The advantages in taking an online course have seen tremendous growth in the sector with the projection of the market totaling over $325 billion by 2025. That has prompted companies like Medical Billing to offer certified courses.

The number of students who have completed degree courses online has increased to over 30% in the last few years. In addition, over 60% of college students prefer to take classes online.

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