The healthcare industry is filled with many medical professionals that help create positive experiences for patients. Most of us are used to seeing doctors and nursing staff when we visit a doctor’s office, but what we generally don’t notice are the many important people who carry out jobs behind the scenes. These jobs, like the medical billing industry, are key to keeping our healthcare industry running efficiently.

Medical billing in healthcare can, at times, go unnoticed to the public eye, but without these very important healthcare professionals, doctors and patients alike would be left to stress and worry about handling health insurance payments. The importance of medical billing is so that this does not happen. Instead, doctors can use their time providing optimal care, while patients can focus their time on getting better.

Medical billers are responsible for creating a proficient payment process between doctors, insurance companies, and patients. After a patient visits the doctor, the medical biller gathers the patient’s records to accurately determine the specific medical billing codes to create a claim form to be sent out to the insurance company. The medical biller checks back in with the insurance company to see if the claim has been approved and what the insurance company will cover. If there are any claim errors, missing information, or out of pocket expenses required, the medical biller will then inform the patient.

The role of a medical biller is essential in the healthcare industry. Without medical billing in healthcare, our healthcare system would be insufficient, unorganized, and ineffective. The services that medical billers provide are a benefit to doctors and patients. They create a medical industry that runs smoothly and without error. One that allows the public to focus on health and not on the stress of claim forms and bills.