Discover your dream career and find long term job security by pursuing program courses in medical billing.

Healthcare providers see hundreds and sometimes even thousands of patients daily, each with a unique case.  Each of these cases requires billing out after an appointment. Providers, insurers, and patients rely on medical billing experts to take information from the visit and accurately track the resulting costs. With such responsibility placed on billers, the right characteristics and interests could make this a rewarding career choice for you. 

Medical Billing is Detail-Oriented

Medical billing requires looking at all angles and details of the patient records to navigate the health insurance claims cycle. If you’re someone who enjoys breaking down problems and project management tasks, you are uniquely qualified for this field.

You Like Technology

Billing professionals rely heavily on technology regardless of the area you choose to work. Of course, software programs vary widely depending on the organization you work for. Still, nearly all accounting and billing offices rely on technology to track medical codes, patient balances, and secure medical records.  It’s therefore important that you be comfortable with technology.

You Like Puzzles

Medical claims are puzzles that need to fit together in specific ways for the best outcome for everyone involved. The natural environment of healthcare makes each new case challenging and different, resulting in less monotonous day-to-day tasks.  You’ll be keeping your brain engaged throughout your work shift.

Medical Billing Offers Job Security

Billing specialists practice in all areas of medicine, from hospitals and clinics to insurance companies. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates careers in healthcare are poised to grow an estimated 18% by 2026. Not only does this improve the job opportunities for qualified billing professionals, but positions in this field give you the foundation to grow and progress in additional areas of healthcare.  Medical Billing provides ample opportunities for advancement in healthcare information management. 

A healthcare billing career is more accessible today than ever before, with significant advances in online learning platforms. Even without prior healthcare experience, you can learn from home at a much more affordable price than traditional college campus learning. These benefits remove the boundaries for entry into this growing field while simultaneously creating a learning community that supports your progress from enrollment to beyond your first job in this rewarding profession.