Are you looking for a new career in healthcare that pays well and allows you to work from home? You may have heard of the fantastic opportunities that medical billing can offer you, but how can you be sure it’s real? Starting any certification requires a commitment, both of your time and money. However, this career is a very real chance for you to make your life better and start something you can be proud of.

Medical Billing: Financial Security

According to the national averages, a medical biller’s hourly pay ranges from $17 to $27. You can expect that medical billers will always be in demand as long as physicians are. As of June 2020, the median annual income for a Medical Biller was about $55,000. That’s the national average, so your actual pay would vary based on where you live. You can also increase your pay by earning additional certifications. A simple investment now might pave the way for a brighter future.

Timely Certification

We provide several affordable online courses that prepare students to work as medical billers. Once qualified, students can work in an office, clinic, or establish their own medical billing company from home. There is no need to devote 4 to 8 hours a day to schooling if you don’t need to. This course takes an average of 3-5 weeks or 50 hours to complete, and we have several payment plans available to you.

Medical Billing: Satisfying Work

A medical biller’s responsibilities vary per business, however, they often include the following services. As a medical biller, you will collect a variety of information needed to finalize outpatient and hospital billing forms. Medical billers are also in charge of keeping track of payments and resolving insurance and billing questions. Medical billing is a rapidly expanding field that requires devoted professionals who are enthusiastic about assisting others. They’re seeking detail-oriented professionals that can work with computer applications and maintain data accuracy.

Get Started Today

We provide a highly flexible online course for anyone just starting on their path. Our well-known student-centered approach is something we pride ourselves in. We assign each student with a personal course instructor and give support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our medical billing course covers all the skills and qualities necessary for your success in the ever-growing field. Upon the course completion and once you have obtained your medical billing certification, CBMP, and HIPAA, you will be well equipped with all the necessary skills to complete billing tasks.

Don’t let this chance pass you by; make an investment in your future by signing up today!