The work from home culture is spreading across the world. You can pursue several professions that enable you to work, sitting right at your home. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Medical Billing is one such popular profession.

What is medical billing?

Medical billing is a process in which the details about healthcare services provided to an individual are submitted to the health insurance provider. It involves submitting the requisite form, following up and appealing for claims.

A medical biller is one who acts on behalf of the patient to facilitate claim settlement between the healthcare service provider and the insurance provider. A certified medical biller can perform these functions from home, and it is a lucrative business opportunity.

How can you learn medical billing?

There are a lot of complexities involved in the medical billing profession. You need to be aware of the medical terminology of diseases and their treatments. In addition to that, you need to have a certificate to work as a medical biller. provides a P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification that you can take online. The course offers a comprehensive guide on how to become a medical biller. The certification we provide is nationally recognized.

What will you learn from the medical billing course?

Our course is affordable and rich with content. You will get access to study material, videos and examinations. In addition, you will have access to phone, email and chat support, helping you clear your doubts and learn at your own pace.

Our course covers:

• Filling out the CMS 1500 (Health Insurance Claim) Form
• International Classification of Disease (ICD) coding
• Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding
• Using medical billing software

After going through the P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification, you will be able to fill out the claim forms in a breeze. A personal instructor will also be assigned to guide you and help you learn on our platform. This will enhance your learning experience.

After getting your certification, you can start your own home business. We can also help you connect with physicians and hospitals who are in need of medical billers. We care about our students and want each and every one to be successful.