Ever wondered what a medical biller salary is like? Or maybe you’re simply wondering what a medical biller is! Medical billers are responsible for the billing of medical debts. Their job is to ensure that patients are billed rationally and accurately and that medical professionals are paid properly by insurance companies.

With the ever-growing health industry in the United States, medical billing has emerged as a major profession. The medical industry is immune to recession, as medical attention is something which cannot be postponed. This attracts many professionals to the medical industry.

How Much Does a Medical Biller Earn?

According to a survey by Indeed, average hourly pay for medical billing is $15.97, but some medical billers can earn as high as $34.15 per hour.

Medical billers are employed in different industries. Depending upon the experience and the post held, the pay can further increase. The American Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in conjoint with PayScale found that annual medical biller salary for a medical billing supervisor was $58,979!

And the BLS predicts that this is only going to increase owing to the high demand for professionals in the Healthcare industry. No wonder interest in this profession is growing rapidly.

How Do I Become a Medical Biller?

You can learn and get certified to become a medical biller by taking our P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification. We offer an extensive CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) course on the technical aspects of the medical biller profession and insights to develop the right skills. You will also be trained on medical billing software and have access to Chat and Email support.

You will be provided online study material and be able to submit examinations online. The instructor will check your submissions and award a certificate upon completion. This certification is recognized nationally and will help you gain the right credentials. Thousands of students have embraced the medical billing profession after going through our course!