Your remote medical billing office is much more than a place to work. Whether it’s your dorm room or proper office space, it should serve as a place to study, prepare for class, socialize with friends, partake in your hobbies, and get the work done. Here’s a quick list of things you should ensure that you have in your office space.


This is the primary area of your office. It should have enough room to spread out papers, books, your laptop, and anything else you may need. If you’re going to be taking the Medical Billing Course, for example, you may want to invest in a table lamp for added illumination. You’ll be studying with the lights off at night, so this will come in handy for bringing up web pages, following lecture notes, and reading course materials.

Laptop Stand

You’ll need a stand for your laptop if you have a desk. This can prop up your computer, keep it from sliding around, and be invaluable when taking notes. It will also help you maintain a good posture while you are at your desk.


You’ll be sitting in this chair for a while – so make sure it’s comfortable. Your office chair will make or break your experience as a student, or professional, so try different chairs out before purchasing. If you’re using your laptop during class or work, you may want to look into an ergonomic chair. Ergonomic chairs are designed to keep your body comfortable while working at a desk.

Organizational System

You’re going to have a lot of stuff in your office, so it’s important to have a place for everything. A computer desk will likely come with room for storage drawers and cabinets, but if not, you’ll need some organizational system. Purchase an inexpensive plastic filing cabinet or trunk with sections and label them – “school supplies,” “medical billing textbooks,” etc. You can fill these with anything you like.