With college debt skyrocketing, many students are starting to look at career options that don’t require a degree at all. There are still quite a few of these, and their prospects are rather good. Look into these careers that don’t require a degree.

Web Developer

While some web developer positions will require an associate’s degree or even a bachelor’s degree, many do not. This is a career where skill, knowledge and an impressive portfolio are usually able to trump formal education. These professionals design websites, a service that will continue to be in high demand.

Medical Biller

If you want a career in the booming healthcare field without committing to a four-year degree or above, a job as a medical biller may be right for you. Medical billers are needed to properly code bills so insurance companies and patients get accurate statements. You can get started in this role with a brief certification course and then go on to either work at a clinic or office. You can even start your own medical billing business from home.

Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants keep an organization running by answering phone calls, maintaining needed files, making appointments, drafting various kinds of documents and performing many more critical tasks. They need to be proficient in computer and specific software usage, especially database software. While some employers may want to see a degree the role does not require one.

Power Line Worker

Professionals who install and repair electrical power lines only need a high school diploma and can make over $65,000 per year. They also install telecommunications cables, which can include fiber optics. Most train in this role through apprenticeships and long-term on-the-job training.

Other careers that require only a high school diploma include police officers, commercial pilots, power plant operators and others. No matter your interests or skills, there are sure to be appealing career options that do not require a degree.