The health care industry is growing with jobs as a Medical Biller in high demand. Now you can gain the skills, confidence, and accreditation you need in medical billing from Medical Billing Get ready for a new career with a professional Online Medical Billing Certification and a HIPAA Certification.

Medical billing includes following up on patient health insurance claims to ensure timely and accurate reimbursement from various health insurance payors. Please do not be confused between billing and coding.

Billing and coding are two different fields. Our Online Medical Billing Certification courses are based on billing only with specific software that involves hands-on practice management for medical billing within the course curriculum.

Our Online Medical Billing Certification takes up to 6 weeks to complete with a total of 50–60-hour of coursework. However, we work around your schedule. You have the freedom to study and complete your exams at your convenience.

  • Enjoy the flexibility, affordability, and ease of a fully invested online coursework including work-at-home modules.
  • Enroll in the Medical Billing courses and gain hands-on work experience through our job placement medical partnerships across the nation.
  • Become a Medical Biller with the knowledge and experience to have insurance claims be error-free and mediated correctly with your online training.
  • Receive a nationally recognized Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMPB) designation.

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A Medical Biller works for a variety of clinics, hospitals, health care practices, government agencies, and other specialists. Let us be your pathway to enhanced employment and ownership with our online curriculum and professional certification for medical billing.

Join us in our community of students and practitioners who are passionate about medical billing and advancing the financial management of healthcare. At, your success is what we care about. We are eager to see you succeed!