Looking for an ideal flexible business opportunity? According to ZipRecruiter, the average national salary for a full-time medical billing home business professional is $26 per hour, or $54,000 per year. However, it’s not just the high salary that drives people to take a medical billing course and start a medical billing home business. It’s also the high degree of flexibility that medical billing home businesses offer.

The medical professionals that are the clients of a medical billing home business don’t care whether you work in your pajamas, stop to feed your baby, or pick up your son or daughter from school. They only care that you complete their billing professionally and in a timely manner. A home medical billing business isn’t a license to just sit back and let the money roll in, but for a conscientious person that doesn’t take on too many clients, it’s one of the rare, work-from-home opportunities that isn’t a scam.

 Why would doctors hire you to do their billing?

Two reasons: cost and reliability.

Many doctors do hire in-house staff to do their medical billing, but that means that in addition to their salaries, the physician must pay the staff a premium of around 30 percent for health insurance, workers’ compensation, social security taxes, vacations, sick days, holidays etc. For example, let’s say an in-house medical biller makes $20 an hour. The same physician can pay an at-home medical biller $23 an hour to do his or her medical billing and still come out dollars ahead on overall cost.

Doctors often place greater reliability in at-home medical billing business professionals than on in-house medical billers, as at-home medical billers are focused solely on medical billing. In-house medical billers may have other responsibilities in the clinic and may not be as available to keep up with the latest information and regulations in the medical billing field. At-home medical billers can focus solely on medical billing, ensuring that their work is of the highest quality standard and saving doctors time, money and stress.

How does medical billing work?

Of course, you can’t just print a letterhead that says, “Elite Medical Billing” and jump into your new business. Medical billing is a precise practice which takes some initial time and dedication to get off the ground.

When a patient visits a doctor, the first thing the receptionist asks is, “Do you have health insurance? With which company? What is your policy number?” While the patient may have a small cash co-pay, the vast majority of medical visits are paid by the patient’s health insurer. In order for the insurer to pay the correct amount to the doctor, a medical billing specialist submits what is called a CMS 1500 claim form to the insurance company.

The CMS 1500 has an upper section for the patient’s basic information, a middle section reflecting the details of the patient’s medical problem, marked by a corresponding International Classification of Disease (ICD) code, and a bottom section detailing the services rendered by the physician and the Current Procedural Terminology coding for that service.

The physician’s cash flow is often at the hands of the medical biller, as errors or discrepancies on the form could cause delays in payment from the insurance company, whether through the government with Medicare or through private insurance. Therefore, the medical biller plays an important role in the healthcare payment process.

Medical Billing Course at MedicalBillingCourse.com

A medical billing course through a community college may cost upwards of $4,000, while a private for-profit healthcare education company may charge as much as $16,000 per year. By comparison, MedicalBillingCourse.com offers a P1 Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification that can be completed at home, online, and at your own pace for only $699.95, with the option to split payment into up to five monthly charges of $159.99. Most of our students complete the safe-paced medical billing course online in four to six weeks, and can choose to complete further training specific to building a medical billing home business.

Our course contains everything students would need to become quality, professional and certified medical billers. The DAQBilling software included in the course is one of the keys to our students’ success. It allows students to practice completing CMS 1500 reports which are then sent to our instructors for careful grading. This gives students real-world experience without the need to learn new software after graduating from the program. Students will also receive a Certified Medical Billing Professional Certificate from the National Academy for Healthcare Administration and Education upon completion of the course.

The success of our students is very important to us, so we also offer support in the form of chat and email conferences, study guides, examinations, additional learning resources, and a personal course instructor to assist our students along their journeys.

How do I get started with MedicalBillingCourse.com?

Hop onto our website and check out our products, resources, success stories and graduate reviews. Once you purchase one of our courses, you’ll be well on your way to starting your new career as a certified medical biller.

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