Discover the top 5 reasons our comprehensive online medical billing course is the best choice to start your career, including proven training, support, and more.

Starting a career in medical billing opens the door to a stable industry ripe with opportunities. With so many courses available though, it can feel challenging picking the training that best equips you for success. Read on to dive into the five key reasons enrolling with us paves the way for a truly prosperous and rewarding future in medical billing services.

1. Comprehensive Curriculum Aligned to Industry Standards

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to impart everything you need to excel as a medical biller. We go far beyond the basics that some courses teach. With modules mapped to professional billing and coding certifications, you’ll master in-demand skills. This ensures you meet today’s expectations modern medical practices have for billers.

2. Earn Legitimate Billing & Coding Credentials

A major advantage to our Medical Billing Course with CMBP & HIPAA Certification is that it prepares you for and includes vouchers for the Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP) and HIPAA compliance exams. These certifications verify to employers you have the proper knowledge and training. Passing these tests also bolsters your confidence since they validate your billing abilities meet high industry benchmarks.

3. Dedicated Instructor Support Every Step of the Way

Expert guidance makes a big difference in quickly mastering medical billing. That’s why our certified instructors are actively engaged in your learning journey. Ask questions and get detailed feedback through email, phone, and messaging. For added convenience, virtual office hours are also available if desired. Know that someone is readily available to provide coaching and advice.

4. Graduate Reviews Confirm Career Success

The best testament to the effectiveness of our training comes directly from past students now working in billing. With over 700 verified 5-star reviews, graduates consistently cite our course as the catalyst that empowered their career change into this field. They report landing jobs with higher salaries, flexible remote work options, and tremendous feelings of accomplishment.

5. Build Real-World Billing Experience

Simply learning concepts isn’t enough as you need real billing experience. That’s why our course provides access to a cloud-based practice management system using actual medical coding software. With real (anonymized) patient data, you’ll get hands-on practice processing claims, tracking payments, resolving rejections, and more.

When evaluating medical billing training programs, the choice becomes clear. Invest in the specialized skills that advance your prosperous billing and coding career by registering for our P1 Medical Billing Course today.