Becoming an entrepreneur is easier said than done. You have to start your own business from scratch, hire the right talent and make the right decisions on the way.

You need guidance and support to help you smoothly sail through all the hurdles and become successful. Reading blogs from experienced entrepreneurs can really give a thrust to your entrepreneurship ambitions.

Here are 5 great blogs written by entrepreneurs that can help you get motivated and guide you through your journey as an entrepreneur.

1) Seth’s Blog

A best selling author and an internet marketer, Seth Godin’s blog is a great place to learn about new ways to do business. His blog is wisdom oriented and gives insight on the best practices to be adopted in business. It is the best place for new entrepreneurs who are in need of enthusiasm and creative ideas to get things moving.

2) Mixergy

Founded by Andrew Warner, there are several lessons on startup practices on this blog. Andrew shares his valuable experiences of running a successful startup. The blog also offers courses that help start a business from scratch.

3) Women on Business

A great resource for aspiring women entrepreneurs, this blog talks about the basics of entrepreneurship with women in mind. This is perhaps the best entrepreneurship learning resource for women.

4) Small Business Trends

This blog feeds 6 million readers with information on the latest business trends and interviews with business leaders. There are continuous updates on the latest marketing and product development ideas, which can be a great resource in your entrepreneurial adventure.

5) Gary Vaynerchuk’s Blog

Gary has amassed $60 million just through his internet marketing business. He is one of the most viewed marketers on YouTube. You can view his blog to learn about mistakes that you can avoid making while starting your business and how to execute effective marketing ideas.

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