Are you on the path to becoming a medical biller but aren’t sure where you would be able to work after you receive your certification? Medical billing jobs typically involve working directly with patients to resolve insurance and payment options – in short, medical billers are an integral part of the healthcare system! But working in healthcare facilities is not the only option for this career. As a medical biller, you can work in a variety of locations.

Government Agencies
Medical billers often find jobs at various public organizations and government agencies. In these organizations, billers perform their regular job functions but instead of interpreting individual data, they analyze data for large-scale projects on a state or national level that affect multiple individuals.

Resident Care
If you’re a medical biller with a passion for healthcare but want to work outside of a hospital, residential care is an ideal option. In this setting, billers can perform their essential duties without navigating the politics of the hospital system. They can also provide more personalized services in a residential environment versus an impersonal medical office.

Law Firms
Law offices are not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of medical billing. Law firms need medical billers to help them research and interpret information regarding medical claims fraud. Healthcare providers often deal with billing fraud and medical billers are essential to evaluating this type of fraud.

Remote Work
Medical billing is mainly digital and the past year has shown just how many people can successfully work from home. Medical billers are very familiar with remote work as their duties can primarily be performed on the computer. Billers can either work for a company that allows a full-time remote schedule or take on freelance jobs. Just be sure to dedicate a separate office space at home so you can perform your duties thoroughly and without interruption.

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