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Certified Medical Billing Professional (CMBP)

Why earn your Nationally Recognized CMBP© (Certified Medical Billing Professional) designation?

The Healthcare Industry is Recession Proof and is the fastest growing industry today and will continue to be the fastest growing industry for years to come.  Certified Medical Billers are in high demand and they are paid very well.

Your Medical Billing Certificate comes from us.  Upon completion of our Medical Billing Course Program, we promptly provide you with your Certificate and CMBP© Designation at no additional fee.

We remain the only course available today who provides its students with a live, fully functional, Medical Billing Software Program.  This allows you to perform the actual duties of a Medical Billing Professional.

You will be Entering Physician Data, Patient Data, Populating CPT & ICD9/ICD10 Codes, Entering Charges and Payments, Generating Reports and Printing CMS 1500 Insurance Claim Forms.

Our students are successful in this field because they actually apply what they learn, allowing them to fully understand and retain the material.  This method of training provides the student with the confidence they need to move forward in their career or business.

Our Medical Billing Course Programs are Self Paced.  There are no time restrictions or limitations.  Study when you have time.  Complete your exams when you are ready to do so.

Your examinations are graded by your assigned, Certified Personal Instructor, who has the ability to expand on corrections to your exam because they have real-life experience, as well as certification in medical billing.  We do not use automated running exams.

Our programs are extremely affordable.  We are not priced in the thousands of dollars and we do not hold your certification hostage to a 2 year payment plan.  On average, our students complete their medical billing course in 4-6 weeks.

Job Placement.  We have hundreds of Physicians, Hospitals and Billing Centers across the nation who come to us looking for graduates.  All you have to do is give permission to share your contact information with them, upon graduation.  They are not looking for "2 years experience".  They are looking for graduates who do not come with "bad habits" picked up working in the field.  They would rather train someone who has been educated and certified in medical billing.

We Provide You Access to our Recent Graduates.  What better way to find out how much our students love and benefit from our course?  All of the 30+ medical billing course graduates on this list have given their permission to be contacted.  We update our list frequently with newer graduates.  With all the scams out there, it is extremely necessary for you to be provided with at least 20 graduates to contact.

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