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Steven Anderson
Oak Bridge Billing

My experience in the biotechnology and biomedical industries, my interest in life sciences, and my current desire to be self employed led me to seek an occupation in medical insurance billing. I ultimately chose Medical Billing Course as a means to achieving that goal. Thus, began my new journey.

In short, taking the course has allowed me to tap into an incredible amount of resources.


Jennifer Moran
Skyline Medical Billing

I looked at several different medical billing courses for a couple of months. The only one I kept going back to was Medical Billing I decided to call. I talked to Tammy and she eased my mind that this wasn’t an online scam and if I needed help along the way she will be there for me.

Upon completion of the course, I utilized my Personal Marketing Coach (Adam) and got busy with my marketing material. Thanks to Adam and Tammy, my material LOOKS GREAT!


Loreigh Baigent
BestBill Medical Billing

I was ecstatic to find Medical Billing! Not only do they teach you Medical Billing, they also had Medical Billing Business Success Stories on their website. As for the staff and the support — PHENOMENAL! They really go the extra mile supporting their students!

My advice to you – don’t hesitate to take a course from MBC! You don’t have to start a business. From what I learned in the course, I would feel equally as confident in applying for medical billing position.


Ann Grinnell
Velocity Medical Billing

After investigating quite a number of opportunities, Dane and I decided the Medical Billing was the right choice.

I have been blessed to meet so many new people since I took the Medical Billing Course. Networking is so very important and rewarding. As wonderful as the course is — you can’t learn everything that you will need to know even if you make a high grade.

5/5 (from 1,000+ Students)

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What You Will Learn


  • About Medical Billing
  • The Medical Billing Meat & Potatoes (Basics)
  • Types of Health Insurance Coverage Group
  • Claims Processing
  • Reports Chapter 1 Study Guide
  • Chapter 1 Examination


  • Gathering Data Review
  • The Patient Information / Registration Form
  • The Insurance Verification Form (IVF)
  • The Encounter Document / Form
  • The Day Sheet
  • Patient Sign in Sheet
  • Patient Medical History Form
  • PHI – Acknowledgment of Receipt of Privacy Practices Notice (HIPAA Definition)
  • ABN – Advanced Beneficiary Notice
  • Financial Payment Policy Other
  • Medical Forms
  • Chapter 2 Study Guide
  • Chapter 2 Examination
  • How Does Health Insurance Work? (Video)
  • Verifying Insurance Coverage
  • Transferring Information to the Insurance Verification Form
  • Chapter 2B Study Guide
  • Insurance Verification – Debby Williams
  • Patient Information Form Insurance Card
  • Conversation with Benerep
  • Complete Debby Williams’ Insurance Verification
  • Chapter 2B Examination


  • Copays, Coinsurance, Deductibles and Maximums (Video)
  • Types of Health Insurance
  • Copayment – Definition & Video
  • Coinsurance – Definition & Video
  • Deductible – Definition & Video
  • Maximum – Out of Pocket Limit
  • Proper Payment Posting
  • Chapter 3 Examination


  • Understanding Codes & Modifiers About Codes
  • HCPCS Codes
  • CPT Codes (HCPCS Level 1)
  • ICD Codes
  • Where Does the Medical Biller Get the Procedure & Diagnosis Codes?
  • CMS 1500 Coding Paints a Picture
  • Exercise – Complete Box 21 and 24 (CMS 1500) Encounter
  • Chapter 4 Study Guide
  • Chapter 4 Examination


  • CMS 1500 Form
  • Breaking Down the CMS 1500 Form
  • CMS 1500 Top Portion – Patient & Insured Information
  • CMS 1500 Bojom Portion – Provider, Procedure, Diagnosis & Charge Information
  • Chapter 5 Study Guide
  • Chapter 5 Examination


  • The Life Cycle of a Medical Insurance Claim
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • The Stages of the Medical Insurance Claim Life Cycle (Stage 1 – 11)
  • Chapter 6 Study Guide
  • Chapter 6 Examination


  • PMS/Medical Billing Software
  • Basic Data Components of PMS
  • Medical Billing Software vs. PMS
  • Other Data Components of PMS Procedure
  • Electronic Media Claims (EMC) State
  • PMS Selection Considerations
  • Chapter 7 Study Guide
  • Chapter 7 Examination


  • HIPAA 101: The Basics of HIPAA Administrative Simplification – Video
  • Introduction to HIPAA
  • HIPAA Security Standards, Privacy Standards and Compliance
  • HIPAA Enforcement Rule and Compliance Penalties for Noncompliance
  • HIPAA and the HITECH Act Understanding HIPAA Study Guide
  • Understanding HIPAA Examination

Duration: 50-60 Hours (4-6 Weeks)

5/5 (from 1,000+ Students)

Career Opportunities

Types of opportunities in the Medical Billing Field

Medical Biller

Medical Billing Specialist

Medical Billing Manager

Revenue Cycle Manager

Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Medical Billing Consultant

Insurance Claims Specialist

Remote Medical Billing

Healthcare Compliance Officer

Medical Billing Software Specialist

5/5 (from 1,000+ Students)


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5/5 (from 1,000+ Students)

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Our business is still relatively young, which is why having access to the incredible resources of is so important. We have spoken to the writers of other Success Stories published on the website, and they all attribute much of their success and satisfaction to what they have learned from

By finishing the course to gain the knowledge, lingo and processes coupled with the best software platform and technical support available, those very Doctors will begin to see you as their “virtual” in-house electronic medical claims processor. You will gain their confidence, as we have time and time again!

Lisa Shestack & Sharon Galvin


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8 Chapters, Study Guides, Videos, Examinations

24/7 Student Support Forum

Graduates access our Job Placement Database

HIPAA (Patient Privacy Act) Certification

CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional) Certification

5/5 (from 1,000+ Students)

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Chandra Holbrook

I would definitely recommend Medical Billing to anyone looking to pursue employment in this field. The staff are second to none! The information provided is priceless!

The benefits have been many! Too many to list. Yes, there were also some sacrifices and money to be invested. However, nothing worth having is ever going to be free or easy. This makes my success all the more rewarding. So, what are you waiting for? Stop wondering if Medical Billing is right for you.


Susan Wadsworth
PS4U Medical Billing

I began the course with Medical Billing when another individual was running Medical Billing
Within one week I received a call from a Chiropractor interested in my billing services. Although it did not work out for me to work with him, it was only another 2 weeks before I received a second call from another chiropractor that received my brochure. This call turned into my first client – and it took me less than two months from the time I finished the course to obtaining a client!


Mary Ann Craig
Piedmont Medical Billing

I searched the internet on Medical Billing Courses and Tammy Harlan. This is exactly what I needed!! The course walked me through, one step at a time, giving me advice, internet searches and also a good bit of humor.
Anyone that is interested in Medical Billing should get involved with this course. I would not have been able to be successful without all their help. You need people around you that know what they are talking about in this business. They will give you the encouragement that you need to succeed with the integrity that goes along with it!


Nancy Browner
Reliable Billing Solutions

I have no regrets with my decision to take the Medical Billing Course at Medical Billing and starting my own business!

I highly recommend Medical Billing to anyone who wants to work in the Medical Billing Field, whether it be from home or in a doctor’s office or hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is medical billing?

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for services rendered by healthcare providers. It involves translating medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments into universal alphanumeric codes for billing purposes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with healthcare regulations.

What careers can I pursue when I complete my Medical Billing Certificate?

Completing a Medical Billing Certificate opens up various career paths in the healthcare industry, including roles such as:

  1. Medical Biller/Coder: Assigns codes to medical procedures and diagnoses for billing purposes.
  2. Medical Billing Specialist: Processes insurance claims, verifies coverage, and ensures billing accuracy.
  3. Health Information Technician: Manages patient data for accuracy, security, and accessibility.
  4. Insurance Claims Analyst: Reviews and analyzes insurance claims for completeness and accuracy.
  5. Medical Billing Manager: Oversees billing operations, manages teams, and ensures compliance with regulations.
  6. Medical Billing Consultant: Provides expertise on optimizing revenue cycle management and billing processes.
  7. Healthcare Compliance Officer: Ensures billing practices comply with healthcare laws and regulations.
  8. Medical Billing Software Specialist: Provides support and training on medical billing software systems.

These roles leverage skills in medical coding, billing procedures, healthcare regulations, and data management, offering opportunities for career advancement and specialization within the healthcare administration field.

What are the prerequisites for the Medical Billing and Coding Course?

To enroll in our Medical Billing and Coding Course, you must meet our admissions requirements including meeting the minimum age.

What does a medical biller do?

A medical biller plays a crucial role in the healthcare system by handling the financial aspects of patient care. Their primary responsibilities include:

  1. Coding: Translating healthcare services, procedures, diagnoses, and equipment into universal alphanumeric codes using standard coding systems such as ICD-10 (International Classification of Diseases, 10th Edition) and CPT (Current Procedural Terminology).
  2. Billing: Generating and submitting claims to insurance companies or government programs (like Medicare or Medicaid) for reimbursement of medical services provided to patients.
  3. Insurance Verification: Verifying patient insurance coverage and ensuring that claims include all necessary information required for processing.
  4. Claims Processing: Processing claims accurately and efficiently to ensure timely reimbursement, including following up on unpaid or rejected claims.
  5. Patient Billing: Generating patient statements for services not covered by insurance, explaining charges, and answering patients’ questions about their bills.
  6. Compliance: Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and insurance requirements to prevent fraud and maintain ethical billing practices.
  7. Documentation: Maintaining accurate and detailed records of billing and coding activities, including patient information and billing histories.

Overall, medical billers ensure that healthcare providers receive proper compensation for their services while maintaining accurate records and adhering to regulatory standards.

Where do medical billing professionals work?

Medical billing professionals can work in a variety of settings within the healthcare industry. Some common places where medical billing professionals work include:

  1. Hospitals: Large hospitals employ medical billers to handle billing and coding for a wide range of medical services provided to patients.
  2. Physician Practices: Medical billing professionals are essential in small to large physician practices, where they handle billing and coding for office visits, procedures, and other medical services.
  3. Clinics and Urgent Care Centers: These facilities require medical billers to process claims and manage patient billing for the services provided.
  4. Healthcare Consulting Firms: Some medical billing professionals work for consulting firms that specialize in revenue cycle management and healthcare billing optimization.
  5. Healthcare Billing Companies: These companies provide outsourced medical billing services to healthcare providers, managing their billing processes remotely or onsite.
  6. Insurance Companies: Medical billers may work for insurance companies to review and process claims submitted by healthcare providers, ensuring they meet policy guidelines.
  7. Long-term Care Facilities: Facilities such as nursing homes and rehabilitation centers employ medical billers to manage billing for resident care services.
  8. Government Agencies: Medical billing professionals may work for government agencies like Medicare or Medicaid, processing claims and ensuring compliance with government healthcare programs.
  9. Medical Billing Software Companies: Some professionals work for companies that develop and support medical billing software, providing customer support, training, or software development services.
  10. Remote and Freelance Work: With advancements in technology, many medical billing professionals work remotely or freelance, providing billing services from home or as independent contractors.

These settings offer diverse opportunities for medical billing professionals to apply their skills in coding, billing, compliance, and healthcare finance across different facets of the healthcare industry.

Could I work as a professional medical biller from home?

Yes, many medical billers work remotely from home. Remote medical billing positions are increasingly common, offering flexibility and the ability to work from any location with a stable internet connection. This setup allows professionals to manage billing tasks, communicate with healthcare providers and insurance companies, and ensure accurate reimbursement without needing to be physically present in a traditional office setting.

Can you take online classes for medical billing?

Yes, you can take online classes for medical billing. Our Online classes allow flexibility in scheduling and learning pace, making it convenient for individuals to pursue a career in medical billing from anywhere with internet access.

What is a medical billing certification?

A medical billing certification is a credential earned by individuals who demonstrate proficiency in assigning alphanumeric codes to medical diagnoses, procedures, and services. It signifies that they have passed a standardized examination and met specific education and experience requirements set by certifying organizations like the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Certification ensures competency in medical coding systems (such as ICD-10-CM, CPT, HCPCS), healthcare regulations, and billing practices, enhancing career prospects in healthcare administration.

Is medical billing hard?

Medical billing can be challenging due to the complexity of healthcare terminology, coding systems, and regulations. However, with dedication, proper training, and practice, many individuals find it manageable and rewarding. Training programs and certification courses provide structured learning to help aspiring professionals gain the necessary skills and knowledge.

Do you offer financial assistance?

We have programs that vary in price depending upon your needs. You can view our course programs on our Courses Page.

How much is tuition for Medical Billing certificate?

The price depends upon your needs and what program grouping you choose to take. You can view our course programs and pricing on our Courses Page.

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