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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who comes to NAHAEC (Medical Billing for Certification?

A: Individuals who are looking for the training they need to begin a medical billing business or to gain employment as a Medical Biller in a doctor's office or hospital. We also have many doctors across the country who send their Medical Billing Staff to us for training.

Q: Are you Nationally Recognized?

A: Yes, we are. Our Medical Billing Course was actually the first of its kind to be developed and distributed in 1999.  Our course is applicable in all 50 states.

Q: What is the Cost of the Course?

A: We have programs that vary in price depending upon your needs.  You can view our course programs on our Courses Page.

Q: How long does the Course take to complete?

A: The course programs, on average, are 40 - 60 hours. Most students complete their course within 3 - 6 weeks. The course allows you to study at your own pace and does not include time restrictions. The time it takes to complete will ultimately depend on you.

Q: Can I take my Exams Online?

A: Yes and this is the recommended method. You may also choose to print and email or mail your exam to us. When you take them online, however, you can usually expect to receive your graded exam back either the same day or within 24 hours.

Q: Are the Exams graded by a Real Person or an Automated Program?

A: This is an excellent question to ask any course provider! Your examinations are graded by a real person. A self running exam program cannot interact with you and assist you with incorrect and incomplete answers like a real person can. We would never use a self running exam program!

Q:  Is there a charge to take the exams?

A:  No there is not.  Everything you need to complete the course and get your certification is included in the cost of the course program.  There are no hidden fees.

Q:  Do I have to find a location to sit for a lengthy examination?

A:  No.  There are no certification requirements to perform medical billing so there is no state examination "to sit for."  Anyone asserting that you must "sit for an exam" is not being upfront with you.  Once you have completed our course program, you have already completed all the exams needed in order for you to receive your Medical Billing Certification and CMBP designation.

Q: Who developed this course?

A: The course was developed by Medical Billing Business Owners, Practice Management Software Developers and Industry Related Marketing Specialists.

Q: Do you Provide References?

A: Absolutely, upon request! Simply complete the CONTACT FORM on our Contact Page letting us know that you would like to receive a list of Student References.

Q: I've noticed there are many other courses to pick from. How is yours different from the others available?

A: Our expertise is in the field of Medical Billing and operating a Medical Billing Business. Simply put, we know what you need to study. We are not an Education Clearinghouse or a Diploma Mill! You cannot come to us to receive a certificate in Real Estate, Black Jack, Plumbing or Astrology. The Educational Clearinghouse programs are unable to provide you with the direction and depth that our course does. We operate successful businesses in this field and we know what you need to know to be able to do this as well. In fact, many of our students come to us after completing expensive Educational Clearinghouse courses which left them "confused" and wondering "what to do next."

If you are considering a course through an "Educational Clearinghouse", give them a call and ask to speak to a "medical billing professional." When you are told they don't have any on staff, give us a call. We can talk billing!

Q: Why doesn't your course include Medical Terminology?

A: Because you don't need it. Medical Terminology is very complex and mind-consuming and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Medical Billing position or Medical Billing Business ownership!

Q: Do I need to become a Medical Coder to do Medical Billing?

A: No. Again, people are confused between Medical Billing and Medical Coding because the Educational Clearinghouse courses lump together billing, coding and terminology.

Q: What is the difference between Medical Billing and Medical Coding?

A: Medical Billing involves entering clinic and patient data into a practice management software for the purpose of submitting medical claims to insurances, post payments from insurance carriers and patients and run management reports. Medical Billing is a service that can be provided from a location other than the physician's office. This is why Medical Billing Business Ownership is attractive to entrepreneurs. More and more doctors are deciding to outsource their medical billing. Medical Billing is a viable and lucrative home or office based business.

Medical Billing Businesses receive their codes from their doctor clients. In fact, as a medical billing company, it is simply not your place to code services rendered. This is done within the doctor's office.

Medical Coding is not a position that will allow you to begin a business and work from home! If a doctor needs a coder, the coder is going to work within the office. Medical Coding is not a viable outsourced business! Medical Billing is.

If you want to offer coding consultations in the future, we recommend getting your billing business off the ground first. Your medical billing business is not dependent upon coding whatsoever and coding alone cannot offer you a home/office business income.

PR.GB Article: Often, what is Medical Billing is equated with what is Medical Transcription or what is Medical Coding when in fact, the three are as separate and as distinct from each other as night and day. Click here to read full article.

Our Advice: Don't trust a course that lumps Medical Billing & Medical Coding together. These courses usually only scratch the surface of each of these fields and simply don't prepare you well for either!

Q: Will this Course be updating to ICD10?

A.  Yes.  Remember that only HIPAA Covered Entities are required to use ICD10 beginning with claims dated October 1, 2015.  All others are highly encouraged to use ICD10.  Because of this, our students will be trained using both ICD9 and ICD10.  ICD10 inclusion will occur August 2015 and will be available to all of our students (past and present) at no additional charge.

Q: Why is your Course rated #1 by the Medical Billing Experts?

A: We begin and then build on the basics from Chapters 1 through 6. Chapter 7 "pulls it all together" by having you perform the actual day-to-day operations of a Medical Biller using a fully functional Practice Management/Billing Software Program. The software you will utilize is developed for the needs of a medical billing business and will have you entering clinic, patient, charge and payment information with ease and efficiency.You will not find another Medical Billing Course that includes this type of Hands On Instruction.

In addition to having you operate as a Medical Biller, Chapter 8 (Operating a Medical Billing Business) and Chapter 9 (Marketing Your Medical Billing Business) teaches you how to set up your business and how to get clients.

Q. Wouldn't I better off attending a local college?

A: Not if you wish to gain an in-depth, focused education in Medical Billing.  A local college can provide you a degree in Health Information Management, but this degree only touches on Medical Billing.  It does not provide you with the essential information/education needed to perform Medical Billing.

Q: Do you offer support?

A: Yes. We provide our students with Telephone, Email, Live Chat and a 24 Hour Online Student Support Forum. We will also schedule a meeting for you with a knowledgeable Billing Center Consultant, if you wish and when you wish.

Q: Do I need to purchase coding (CPT) or diagnosis (ICD) books for this course?

A: No, you do not. We provide you with the codes you will be using for the course as well as Internet Coding Look-Up Databases. Don't waste your money on coding books right now. They are updated annually so you will want to wait to purchase them after beginning your business and getting a client. If you are taking the course out of a desire to work within a physician's office, you won't need these books.

Q: Does Medical Billing require Certification?

A: No, it does not. Receiving certification is your choice but is a great advantage which lends credibility. Our course is nationally recognized and applicable in all 50 states. Taking our course will, most definitely, teach you how to perform the duties of a medical biller which provides our students with the confidence they need to get their start in this industry.

We have several students who have told us that prior to taking our course, they fell for a $99.99 Medical Billing Course Scam.

We have had more than 10 students inform us of a program which allows you to get started for $200 down, who then places you on a 2 Year Payment Plan.  Even if you complete your course in one month, the course provider will not send your certificate of completion until the 2 year mark.  And when they do finally send your certificate, they send you elsewhere to take an examination at an additional $300 charge.

We have had over 200 students come to us after taking a combined "Medical Billing & Coding" course which, they said:

Left them thoroughly confused

Many were unable to finish

Explained "Medical Billing" but did not train the student to do Medical Billing

Upon completion, sent them to a Third Party Examination at an additional fee

The exam provided to them had nothing to do with the content they received in their course


Medical Billing and Medical Coding are 2 separate fields and should never be studied together in one course.

In the 16 years we have been providing Medical Billing Education, Software Training and Certification, we have never had a student who took another course before coming to us say that any other course afforded them the opportunity to utilize a fully functional, medical billing software program in their training.

Don't get fleeced by a Diploma Mill.  How can  you identify a Diploma Mill?  It's easy.  If they provide a course and certificate for just about anything (medical billing, coding, carpentry, astrology, real-estate, black jack, etc.) they are a Diploma Mill.  Many of them call themselves a "college" or a "school."