answer-2   Medical Billing involves entering clinic and patient data into a practice management software for the purpose of submitting medical claims to insurances, post payments from insurance carriers and patients and run management reports. Medical Billing is a service that can be provided from a location other than the physician’s office. This is why Medical Billing Business Ownership is attractive to entrepreneurs. More and more doctors are deciding to outsource their medical billing. Medical Billing is a viable and lucrative home or office based business.

Medical Billing Businesses receive their codes from their doctor clients. In fact, as a medical billing company, it is simply not your place to code services rendered. This is done within the doctor’s office.

Medical Coding is not a position that will allow you to begin a business and work from home. If a doctor needs a coder, the coder is going to work within the office. Medical Coding is not a viable outsourced business! Medical Billing is.

If you want to offer coding consultations in the future, we recommend getting your billing business off the ground first. Your medical billing business is not dependent upon coding whatsoever and coding alone cannot offer you a home/office business income.

Our Advice: Don’t trust a course that lumps Medical Billing & Medical Coding together. These courses usually only scratch the surface of each of these fields and simply don’t prepare you well for either. They also cannot provide you with certification.