answer-2   Our expertise is in the field of Medical Billing. We are not an Education Clearinghouse or a Diploma Mill. You cannot come to us to receive a certificate in Real Estate, Black Jack, Plumbing or Astrology. The Educational Clearinghouse programs are unable to provide you with the direction and depth that our course does. In order to be a staff member or personal instructor at MBC, one is required to be a CMBP (Certified Medical Billing Professional).

If you are considering a course through an “Educational Clearinghouse”, give them a call and ask to speak to a “medical billing professional.” When you are told they don’t have any on staff, give us a call. We can talk billing!

There is a good rule of thumb to follow when looking at courses. If the course provider offers courses in several other areas, you simply will not get the education you need. A $99 waste of money, a $85 waste of money, a $110 waste of money is still a waste of money.