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Medical Billing Course
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Medical Billing Beginners Book

Investment:  $30.00    

If you are trying to decide whether or not you wish to enter into the Medical Billing field or if you simply wish to gain a detailed understanding of how this business works, you should get this book! 

Click here to go to Paul Hackett's website for additional information and purchase instructions.  This is an E-Book and you will gain immediate access to it upon purchase!

Paul Hackett stands behind his excellent book with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

After reading this book, you will know the following:

  • You'll Know the truth behind whether this business can be started without any prior experience in this field.
  • You'll Know how much money you will really have to invest into starting this type of home based business.
  • You'll Know how to avoid getting scammed and overwhelmed trying to get started.
  • You'll Know what the best medical billing schools, medical billing courses, medical billing training programs and medical billing correspondence courses (on and offline) are and exactly where to find them.
  • You'll Know what the best medical billing software packages are.
  • You'll Know what a medical billing opportunity is, where to find them and who to contact.
  • You'll Know who the best medical billing clearinghouses are and why you need them to assist you in running your business.
  • You'll Know how long it will take you to get up and running.
  • You'll Know what the average medical billing salary for a home based medical biller is and what you can do ensure that the amount continuously rises.
  • You'll Know the how's and why's about the medical billing process and how to do it properly from home as a business venture.
  • You'll have in your possession valid examples of medical billing contracts, marketing fliers and other forms that you need to be familiar with.
  • You'll Know the correct way to choose a name for your new business.
  • You'll Know how to set up your business entity legally in the eyes of the law (Corp., Inc., LLC., etc) .
  • You'll Know what three services at a minimum you should be offering to prospective physicians.
  • You'll Know how to set-up and develop the pricing for your services so that you're profitable and competitive within the marketplace .
  • You'll Know what equipment you will need to do the job like a pro from your home.
  • You'll Know where the experts go to network with other medical billers (new and old).
  • You'll Know where the expert medical billers go when they have questions.
  • You'll Know what HIPAA is and why it impacts you as a medical billing business owner.
  • You'll Know what you must do to get doctors for your business and where to find their contact information.
  • You'll Know how and where to go to market your business and services.
  • You'll Know exactly what you should be saying to prospective physicians and their staff to secure their business.
  • You'll Know what kinds of paperwork you will need and where to go to download or purchase them.
  • Most of all you'll be able to decided based on facts if starting a home based medical billing service is the right business for you to undertake in your current situation or if you should choose another!

Click here to go to Paul Hackett's website for additional information and purchase instructions.  This is an E-Book and you will gain immediate access to it upon purchase!

Your investment of $30.00 WILL save you from making very expensive mistakes!